October 10, 2018

Today is my sister and her husband’s anniversary. Today is my childhood friends birthday. Today is the day Hurricane Michael made landfall as a cat-4 with sustained winds at 155 mph.  Lots of good and bad for today.

Today is also World Mental Health Day… Today is October 10. 2018.

Tropical storm was not meant to become a major catastrophic Cat4 Hurricane.  Today is Wednesday and up until yesterday or the day before it was only a depression maybe a tropical storm at the most.  However, the storm quickly grew into one of the worst hurricanes to hit the Panama City, FL area of the panhandle.  People decided to stay put and hunker down instead of taking refuge to higher ground.

Does this sound familiar ?  Hunker down and do not take the higher ground for safety.  (side note: about to pop the living stew out of my 7 yr old as she is so whiny right now)  Okay back to focusing on this…I think as she just slammed her door)  Okay… Abba, help me focus again.

Hunker down or head to higher ground…. that is the question ! Isn’t it ?   When life throws us struggles do we let them stay a tropical depression to fizzle out or do we allow them to become a Cat 4 ?  Hunkering down would be equivalent to staying in bed all day, entertaining the demonic racing thoughts and so on… Right?   Don’t get me wrong, I completely believe in medicine to control this – however, that only medicates the body and symptoms of the mental illness.  Agree so far ?  What we have to do is go to higher ground for safety. Right?  Who or what is higher ground for you ?  For me, higher ground would be God.  Getting closer to God and realizing that HE will be our STRENGTH to shut down the tropical depression before it becomes a major storm.  Agree so far ?  So  how do we get to that higher ground ?

  • Read the Word of God – aka Bible
  • Be amongst faith growing members – other Christians
  • Going to Church and doing our best to get over the isolation we dug
  • Having prayer partners – that you trust to be honest with your needs
  • Looking to God instead of the world for our answers

Today is Mental Health Day – find you a sponsor that understands and has found the path out of the destructive world of mental illness (for the most part) and ask them to be your prayer partner… If you need me to be that person then send me an email… LmKeith8@aol.com

Let’s stop these struggles from turning into a Cat 4/5 Hurricane with catastrophic circumstances and consequences.

eye of the storm image from outer space
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Just me being ME 🙂




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