My Darkness


I am new at this thing called blogging – So be gentle for my first time.

I has been a year and one month since I had my mental breakdown.  I can see now what led to my breakdown and now I know why.  The last 4 years has been very trying for me and event after event led to me having a come apart.  I felt as though I was going insane.  My mind went dark and nothing I did could stop the roller-coaster I was about to ride.  This was the worst season of my life. So I thought.  Today, I see it differently. Today I consider my HADES a blessing. Yes, that is correct… I see it as a Huge Blessing in my life. For if I had not gone through the Hades I would not know the darkness and would not be able to comfort others that have and are living in it.

Welcome to my blog where I am going to share my story and daily/weekly stories.  I have come to realize that when i write I HEAL.


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