Yesterday was Thanksgiving at my parents house.  I got to see my sister’s family and my brother.  It was special as I don’t get to see the kids that often as life is life and they are getting to that age where they want their own life.   One thing that was so special to me – the oldest who is about to turn 19 and in college gave me a hug right before he left.  That was so special and I will treasure that moment for a long time. Thanks Drew 🙂

As I reflect this past week I am thankful for so many things. This time last year was so different.  I was in the middle of my breakdown and also in the middle of Hades trying to figure out my medication formula.  It was not a good time for me… As so many have experienced the same thing.

This year I am thankful for…

  • My husband who has stood by me in all this mess
  • My daughter who is the light of my life
  • My family who helps me stay strong
  • My church family who keeps me prayed up
  • My friends far and near that keep me sane (Jaime, Kerri,Charlotte – to name a few)
  • and last but never least the Love of GOD ! He is the only reason I am still here fighting this mind battle… so that I can show HIS LOVE TO OTHERS.

See, if it had not been for the Love of God, I truly feel as though I would not be here today sharing these moments with you.  I was headed on another path that would have ended in darkness.

I also want to share something God is doing in my life.  I have been wanting to share His Love and have been battling internally on how to do this.  I have been in prayer for answers and the other night I subconsciously meditated on it all night within my dreams.  I awoke that next morning and my prayer was answered.  It has taken almost a year for this to be answered.  The counseling team I chose to help me deal with my Hades has asked if I wanted to be apart of that team to help others.  I am not sure where this will take me as this is new.  For now, I know I will receive emails and dates for training.  With this I am so thankful.  I did not ask for this…. thought about it but never asked. God answered my prayer and answered it in a mighty way. The lady that runs this ministry I have high respect for and I know without a doubt it was God asking her to help me identify what I am to do in this present season.

So this season of Thanksgiving – I am thankful for so much… My life !


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